Goldune's Guide to Gifts For Long Distance Pals

Goldune's Guide to Gifts For Long Distance Pals

In quarantine, pretty much all pals became long distance pals, and we miss the sense of merriment and joy we got from watching them open a present or exchanging holiday cookies on a cozy December movie night. We wish we could bottle that sensation and give it to you, but alas, that is not our specialty, but sustainable, stylish gifts for home and life certainly is.

Don't want to worry about wrapping or packaging, or left things to the last minute? Fair. You can make yourself feel better by reminding yourself that sending an e-gift card is actually the most sustainable gift of all, since you don't run the risk of gifting someone something they aren't crazy about, and your giftee can care for and be knowledgable about the end of life of whichever gifts they choose for themselves.

Want to do something more personal? We don't judge you, there's nothing quite like opening a special something (and we don't just mean an email) from a friend.

We made a super thorough guide to sustainable gift ideas for your friends this year. (We totally raided the coffers of product.) We thought we'd start by giving you a little taste of what you can expect, plus some thoughts from our team. If you can't hold your horses til the end of this article, you can jump ahead to all of our gift ideas for long distance pals by clicking this link right here.

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Alors, here we go!


For the best friend you've been missing like crazy...


The true bestie deserves something extra special. Might we recommend something for them to FaceTime you in on Christmas morning?

Or perhaps they'd be happier with a literal work of art that doubles as something spicy to talk about.

Does your BFF often gaze lovingly into their reflection in the soft glow of the blue light of their phone? Even though this is not a ring light, it'll definitely amp up their make-up tutorial game.


For the friend who was your reference this year who you forgot to write a thank you card to...


Someone do you a big kindness this year and you want to return the gesture? This pestemal bundle is an undeniably good choice— they can use the towels in this bundle as beach blankets, tablecloths, picnic blankets, spreads, or actual bath towels, depending on the size of their space of their preference.

Alternate option? These terrazzo trivets are chic, made of PCR (post consumer recycled) rubber, and aren't too personal.


For the whole friend group.


You wish you could break the bank gifting something huge to every single friend you have, but the budget doesn't allow it. (Honestly, whose does!?) Here are a few ideas for affordable gifts that feel special but aren't egregiously expensive.

First and foremost, a cocktail napkin set and a wine delivery from Drizly = a killer gift.

If they prefer to keep things dry, who doesn't love a nice looking new ceramic mug to add to the collection?

A minty fresh foot scrub and a new polish are a self-care treat your pals can enjoy from the comfort of their cozy quarantine homes.



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