Goldune's Guide to Gifts for Fussy People

Goldune's Guide to Gifts for Fussy People

Ugh, fussy people. Aren't they the worst? They do make really great artists and creative directors though. They're also the kinds of people we want making our medicines and writing our prenups. Forget what we said, fussy people. We can't live without you.

We all know a few select folks who are totally impossible to shop for, and we can't guarantee that we got it right for the fussy people in your life, but we damn well tried to share sustainable gift ideas to please picky people of all ilks and orientations. We're highlighting a few of our favorites below, but if you want to skip ahead and go straight to our collection of gift ideas, click here.

Behold, a few of our very best ideas!

First and foremost, a gift card. Duh. Sorry, this one's a no-brainer. If they're fussy, give the people what they want! Perks: this is the only true zero-waste option, and the only way to actually be sure that you're gifting someone something that won't go to waste or end up eventually in the trash. Cons: a little less personal, we admit. A handwritten card solves that problem, but just in case that's still not your speed, a few more ideas below.

A candle that doubles as art. We just guessed that your fussy person likes art, because most picky people do. Speaking of art, a vanity mirror is the most luxury gift we can think of in 2020 because not only is it completely analog, it really only has one purpose: beautifying your space and reminding you how good it looks while it's doing it. Remind your fussy person how hot they are!

Want to get them a scented candle but not sure what scent they actually will like? (They're * that * picky!) A diffuser has way more permanence, and allows them to swap in whatever essential oils they actually love. The inside has a delicate glass chamber, rather than the standard plastic, so it'll feel extra luxury for them, and makes you look real thoughtful.

This robe is as neutral as it gets, but it's also really luxurious. Robes are meant for wearing at home and indoors, so even if your giftee is super picky about how they dress, this should fit the bill behind closed doors. While we're talking about what goes on behind closed doors, how about something to support a good night's sleep? Sleep is the one human unifier, and even picky people need a little more of it.

Forget how sustainably made these coasters are (though, honestly, it's hard to hold back on telling you more about them, because they're * SO * sustainably made!), they're also just super classic. They could grace and instantly elevate any old side table or coffee table. The same could be said about any of the plethora of napkins and table linens we carry. Denim feels like a safe bet, but there are more colorful options, like Rainbow Burlap or Hollyberry if your fussy giftee happens to like and embrace color every once in a while.

Want to see the full list? Click here for ALL our sustainable gift ideas for your fussiest, pickiest, giftee.

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