Goldune's Guide to Gifts for Extended Family

Goldune's Guide to Gifts for Extended Family

Everyone's family is different! We wanted to offer you a bunch of gift ideas without the presumptive language or implications that "Gifts for Aunts" might have— whether you're shopping for a cousin, an in-law, step-sibling, an aunt, uncle, grandparent, extended family member or a family friend that feels like family, we pulled together a bunch of gift ideas that all happen to be sustainable and non-prescriptive when it comes to gender or age.

Before we get into it, we wanted to show you some of our best ideas, but if you're thirsty for the full list, you can click this link right here to jump ahead to the full and extensive collection of holiday gift ideas for family and extended family

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We'll start with the obvious: if you're not sure what to gift someone whose taste or preferences have evolved, or whose life circumstances have changed this year due to COVID-19 and the general malaise of 2020, a gift card is the way to go. It's technically the only zero waste option, and this way your giftee will be sure to actually love what they end up receiving.

If that's not your style, and you want a physical item for them to open this holiday season, we get it, and we're with you. There's something about opening a present that can't be beat. If we could bottle that feeling and sell it, we'd probably be doing that instead of selling you the best sustainable options for home, lifestyle and holiday gifts.

Want to go the self-care route? A brand new towel set, whether a Turkish pestemal or a Bamboo Lyocell waffle knit, is the way to go. Want to do it up even further? Add in a minty foot scrub for a pedicure at home. Don't think linens will do the trick? Our diffuser serves up some serious aromatherapy vibes and is a great choice for the person in your family who has inevitably succumbed to an essential oil pyramid scheme.

Got a family who loves to eat? Who doesn't! Cooking is the great unifier, and we're here for it. There are so many great gift ideas for home cooks, all eco-friendly to boot— you really can't go wrong. We'll let you check out our exhaustive list for more, but a few shoutouts for our faves: our terrazzo trivets, in a hexagonal set of two or a single brass-accented luxe version, will make cooking for the gazillionth time in 2020 feel like way less of a chore.

Looking for a workhorse for the most extreme of home cooks? Our water-saving colander has genius tricks up its sleeve that won't go unappreciated, whether by your master-chef relative or the beginner who is trying to master a few TikTok recipes. If a function-forward gift is more your speed, can we also recommend our compost bin? We have a bamboo option and a more luxurious option that's made of handsome wood from fallen trees— both have purpose and help make it a little easier for your well-meaning fam to do a little bit better on personal impact and sustainability every day.




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