Gift Guide: The Astrological Edition!

Gift Guide: The Astrological Edition!

Some say the stars predict your personality, but we’d argue they’re pretty damn good at gift predictions as well. What should you give each zodiac sign for the holidays?


Capricorn: This Plant-Dyed Organic Cotton Apron, Oven Mitt and Kitchen Towel Set is perfect for any Capricorn, whose discipline fuels meticulous meal-prepping and trying their hand at every New York Times holiday recipe.


Aquarius: Ever the innovator, the Aquarius will never miss an opportunity to try out something new (and delicious) for the holidays, so surprise them with this Upcycled Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix 3-Pack from Renewal Mill.


Pisces: Fueled by the idea of escaping to scents of a woodsy forest or a citrusy, tropical island, the head-in-the-clouds Pisces will love this Bamboo and Glass Aromatherapy Diffuser, which lets them leap into whatever universe they're dreaming about today.


Aries: A natural born leader with a taste for the bolder things in life, the Aries will instantly connect with our Buttercup Compost Bin, which fuels their tendency to be the bold, colorful star of the show.


Taurus: Seduced by the softer, finer things in life, a Taurus' soothing personality will jive with these Felted Wool Slippers, which provide the ultimate comfort to the type of soul who loves comfort the most. 


Gemini: Geminis, the social butterflies among the stars, deserve something special to spruce up their lavish holiday parties and lengthy cocktail hours, like this Upcycled Cocktail Napkin Set in Rainbow Sky.


Cancer: Nurturing and in touch with their emotions, the Cancer loves thoughtful gifts, like this Subject Notebook Set, that will give them a place to write down their deep inner thoughts about life, love, and the universe itself.


Leo: The Leo deserves something as bright and confident as they are themselves, like this handblown Suck It Up Straw 4-Pack, which embodies the Leo's can't-look-away pizzazz.


Virgo: Practically perfect in every way, the Virgo knows they know best, especially when it comes to the throne of their soap, which makes this Recycled Soap Dish in Terracotta Terrazzo a perfect match.


Libra: With a personality attuned to fostering close, loyal relationships, the Libra deserves to feel cared for and relaxed during the holidays, making this Rainbow Hammam Robe the perfect gift for someone who deserves to feel all the coziness.


Scorpio: The Scorpio and their intensely passionate feelings burn bright no matter the time of day, so this Plastic-Free Soy Candle in Hinoki Wood is an intoxicating match made in heaven. 


Sagittarius: This Supershroom Immunity Powder from our friends at Goldmine is sure to invigorate any spontaneous Sagittarius who appreciates doing and feeling their best for whatever the universe throws their way.

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