February's Sustainable Book Club Pick Is Here!

February Sustainable Book Club Pick: Pleasure Activism by adrienne maree brown
We’ve been eyeing this read for what feels like months, and can’t wait to crack it open this month– Pleasure Activism is the latest from adrienne maree brown, an activist and social justice facilitator focused on Black liberation who co-hosts How to Survive the End of the World, a podcast you should add to your “to listen” list. Besides this one, brown has written a bunch of books– including We Will Not Cancel Us and Other Dreams of Transformative Justice, Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds, in addition to co-editing titles like How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office
In short, adrienne maree brown has written exactly what we needed– a framework through which we can rethink the ground-rules of activism, from sex work to climate change, transforming the narrative about how politics can feel good… and the complexities and nuances of “feeling good” in the first place. We’ve been craving this read since we’re focused on making the dialogue around sustainable living and climate less shame, fear and anxiety driven, and making more space for warmth, openness, access, curiosity and exploration in the sustainability-world– without the hang-ups, the zero-sum game approach, or the guilt. We’ve got our work cut out for us, and Pleasure Activism is one of the few existing resources that we have to lean on.

We’re particularly excited about this one, and think you will be too! Dig in for game-changing essays, plus convos and thoughts from other renowned feminist thinkers, like Audre Lorde, Sonya Renee Taylor or Cara Page.

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