Extra Extra-ordinary Read All About...Bread Tags!

Extra Extra-ordinary Read All About...Bread Tags!

ICYMI this holiday season, we’re sharing facts, oddities, and other sustainable conversation starters to make your holiday events a bit more memorable. Today, we’re thinking about how much bread we’ve been eating this season (a lot) and just what to do about bread tags.


Believe it or not, those pesky plastic tags you play countertop hide and seek with can actually be recycled for a good cause. Because bread tags are small in size and made out of a tricky type 6 plastic (called polystyrene), they’re often too difficult to municipally recycle. However, smaller recycling centers are better-equipped to handle polystyrene and will often help fund nonprofits in exchange for bread tags. For example, one nonprofit collects bread tags to fund wheelchairs for folks in need. They encourage people to save as many bread tags as possible, as it takes about 260,000 tags to purchase one wheelchair.


Don’t mind us if our bread consumption suddenly skyrockets...


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