Extra Extra-ordinary Read All About...Bats!

Extra Extra-ordinary Read All About...Bats!

This is part of our ongoing series, called DTL (that stands for Down to Learn), where we take deep dives into the odd, nuanced and mysterious world of sustainability. Each article in our series should give you a good icebreaker for your next Zoom, or perhaps even inspire you. Today, a discussion about bats.


This holiday season, we’re sharing facts, oddities, and other sustainable conversation starters to make your holiday events a bit more memorable. Today, we’re talking about bats- yes, those creatures who (literally) hang out in attics. 


While you may associate them with Dracula or Bruce Wayne, bats are vital to helping farmers preserve their crops. Instead of using pesticides to prevent crop damage (which contaminate the surrounding environment and come at a monetary cost), farmers often rely on insect-eating bats. In fact, they save farmers around $23 billion each year- just by chowing down on unwanted bugs. So next time you’re munching on anything from bananas to holiday stuffed dates, remember the little Dracula who made it all possible. 


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