Everything You Need to Know About Holiday 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Holiday 2020

Welcome to our crash course in holiday 2020. The holidays are very different this year, and you'll need to plan in advance. If that sounds stressful, never fear-- we tried to think of every possible question or need you might have, and we're getting in front of it now.


Something missing from below or you have follow up questions? We're on call always via email--shoot us an email at hi@goldune.com and we'll be happy to help! 


Q: When do I need to order by in order for my package to arrive by Christmas Eve?

A: Each shipping carrier has their own forecast and cutoff date, and we can't definitively tell you which carrier will ship which package, since it totally depends on timing, package contents and weight, and origin, as well as where you're shipping to and when you're placing your order. If you're willing to share the specifics with us via email, we can give you a better estimate. To be safe, we recommend ordering in November and allowing at least 3 weeks as a shipping buffer.


Q: What if I want to order last minute?

A: Definitely message us so we can help you find something that will make it to you in time! When in a pinch, our gift card is an e-gift card, which means it hits your inbox minutes after you purchase it, and can be easily printed or forwarded to your giftee. 


Q: I have no idea what to get my *insert type of relative, friend, or coworker here*.

A: We've got a gift guide for that! Well, we actually wrote well over eighteen gift guides so we could get as specific as possible for you and so you can break it down by budget, value, personality, space or style, all right over here. If you still have questions, we're standing by via email to help you out.


Q: Are you having a Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sale?

A: We sure are. It's actually the only sale we'll have all year, and our first sale ever (if you didn't know, we launched just a few weeks ago at the end of October!). This is a big deal for our young biz, so we hope you'll mark your calendars and support a small, sustainable, woman-owned biz. 



Reminder: orders over $100 always ship free! You don't have to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to take advantage of that great deal. We're also super excited to share our Giving Tuesday ideas with you on 12/1.


Q: What's your return policy?

A: Glad you asked! Here's our return policy. Items are final sale, but if something gets messed up or goes wrong with your order, we'll always go above and beyond to make it right.


Q: Where does my order ship from?

A: We don't have a warehouse, and we do something called dropshipping, which means your order ships directly from the folks who made the product you bought. This means your order might include different items that come from different places. More on that here!


Q: Can I call you for customer service?

A: We're a super tiny team (our business is less than a month old!) which means we don't offer phone service or have a phone line exclusive to our customer care team. If you have questions, emailing is the best way to reach us!


Q: My package was marked as delivered but it isn't here yet. Where is it?

A: This happens all the time with different shipping carriers-- sometimes folks prematurely mark things as delivered. If you can sit tight for 24 hours, it should show up. If after 48 it still hasn't shown up, email us so we can help hunt it down. Have more questions about shipping? We have an FAQ for that!


Q: I got a gift from Goldune, but I don't like it.

A: Well, this is sad to hear. Unfortunately, unless the gift is damaged or defective, we can't take it off your hands. If something did go wrong, shoot us a note at hi@goldune.com.

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