Drumroll Please! Our Sustainable May Book Club Read Is Here.

Drumroll Please! Our Sustainable May Book Club Read Is Here.

This article is part of our "Round Ups" series, where we share things that inspire us, guide us, or are just really cool. Today, our May Book Club pick.

Was it just us, or was April *a lot*?! It was Earth Month, which meant our calendar was more stacked than ever before-- whether we were hosting a Clubhouse chat with one of our founders, doing an Ask An Expert IG Live, or spilling the tea on our somewhat controversial Earth Day POV, we ended the month pretty... tired.

That's our excuse for running a few days behind on our May Book Club pick, but better late than never. This month's read, The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis has been called "The Stubborn Optimist's Guide to the Climate Crisis", which is what sold us right away. If you can't tell from our other picks thus far, we prefer books that lean towards optimism, just like we do. 

We do have a question for you though, before we go crack this new book open. Last month, we wrapped up Earth Month with a Boozy Book Club IG Live, where we talked all about our monthly book club read. It was pretty fun, and it felt really good to talk about the book with actual humans and not just on the internet. We're thinking about making it a monthly tradition, and we're curious about what mediums you think are the most fun for book club! Should we do an open Clubhouse room? An IG Live? Book Club is no fun alone, so DM us your thoughts, opinions and preferences. Until then, happy reading!


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