Big News: We're Moving to ~NYC~... Aaand You Get 25% Off!

Big News: We're Moving to ~NYC~... Aaand You Get 25% Off!

This is part of our ongoing series, Real Talk, where we feature real folks and real convos that are important, inspiring and true to us. Up today? Some news from our team about what's next for Goldune.

You heard it here first folks-- Team G is finally saying goodbye to garage startup life and is moving to the big city.

Well, we're actually sort of returning to some of the pre-pandemic normalcy (though we are forever changed, any in many ways, for the better!) and to where our founder and team members once called home. We're growing our team from a founder and a brilliant design whiz to a whopping team of seven. Whew! That's a big transition, even for change-lovers like us. Our team has never actually met in person before, since we're a young business that was born in the pandemic, and we're beyond thrilled to actually have our first IRL team meeting together. Launching a biz in 2020 was something else.

We've been thinking a lot about "responsible" moving, personally and professionally. It's hard, frankly, to nail it without extremely deep pockets. Renting an electric vehicle and driving from CA to NYC is sort of out of the question. (That surge in demand and shortage in supply of rental cars post-pandemic is no joke.) While there are some things we can ship ourselves, and responsibly plan to offset the emissions associated with that shipping, it feels pretty clear that the most responsible thing we can do would be to travel relatively light. We're bringing our Biodegradable Biker Bottles and our RePack reusable packaging with us-- but if you've been on the fence about buying one, doing so before we move is a little better for the planet. That's why we're offering 25% off a curated collection of things we think would be better off in your hands today rather than tomorrow. No discount code necessary-- the promo will happen automatically when you add eligible items to cart-- and we can offer the discount through 7/5/21. 

Listen, it's not perfect, and neither are we. Just like you, we do our best. This move is a big 'ol reset for us, and if you're here, we're so happy you have been with us since the really, really early days. We're hoping we can turn into the brand that you're so happy you discovered first, and we think our new teammates will really help us get there. If you've got feedback for us or them as we usher in the next chapter in our story, you can always shoot us at note at

See you on the other side, friends!

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