Baby’s First...Home?

Baby’s First...Home?

This is part of our ongoing series, called DTL (that stands for Down to Learn), where we take deep dives into the odd, nuanced and mysterious world of sustainability. Each article in our series should give you a good icebreaker for your next Zoom, or perhaps even inspire you. Today, a little discussion about living sustainably.


We’re getting closer to our bday and we are oh so excited about it (we’re starting our countdown now- only 7 days left)! 

In case you were on fall vacay last week- out apple picking or in search of the Great Pumpkin- we rolled out some uber simple guidelines for starting to shop sustainably. This week, we’re delving a bit deeper into living sustainably at home. It’s Baby’s First Home, so we’ve compiled some simple ways to start living more sustainably from the comfort of your own abode!

Making sense of waste

Our home is our happy place! But it can also be a place where we generate a ton of waste, so making sense of this waste is a great place to start. We like to take note of which products we’re most often buying and throwing away. This could be paper towels, sponges, napkins, dryer sheets, makeup wipes, or whatever else finds its way into your trash. These items will all end up in the landfill, which is a spooky thought considering items like plastic sponges take hundreds of years to decompose. But we’re here to help!

Once you know what you’re throwing away, it’s much easier to consider what switches can work for you and your lifestyle…like trying dryer balls instead of dryer sheets, or reusable sponge clothes instead of plastic disposable ones. It’s all about starting small, and starting somewhere.  

Repurposing with creativity

We love a good DIY project (who doesn’t?) and often they can be a great way to reuse items otherwise heading to landfill. Old jars, candles, and wine bottles? Not only do they make for great canvases to get your creative juices flowing, but they double as functional storage vessels for anything from small office supplies to makeup products (win-win). Ever groaned at your mounting pile of old kitchen or bathroom towels? Once you cut them up, these make great cleaning rags and reusable paper towels! Repurposing with creativity is key.

The everyday truths

As human beings, we hold certain truths to be self-evident: that is, everyone uses the loo and does laundry. That’s why the bathroom and laundry room (or area-for those of us inhabiting teeny apartments) are perfect starting places for living more sustainably in your home. In the bathroom, we love opting for bar soap or switching to refillable soap, shampoo, and conditioner dispensers. That means less waste going to landfill and oftentimes, less money spent on new disposable bottles every few weeks. 

In the laundry room, simple is best! We recommend trying out cold water cycles (did you know 90% of the energy used in washing your clothes goes to heating the water?) and depending on your climate, line drying instead of using a dryer. You could opt for dryer balls instead of dryer sheets, but simple laundry solutions are impactful as well. Remember: progress not perfection.


Not everybody is in the same spot on their sustainability journey-- and that’s A-OK. Pobody’s nerfect, but we all do our best.

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