All We Can Save: Our February Sustainable Read Will Give You Hope!

All We Can Save: Our February Sustainable Read Will Give You Hope!

You might have missed it, but not too long ago we announced a new way of doing book club around here. Last month, we picked up Climate Justice by Mary Robinson (former President of Ireland and UN climate leader), and dug deeper into it. It looks like some of you picked it up too! Drop a comment or DM us on Instagram if you've finished it-- we're thirsty to hear your thoughts.

After closing Climate Justice for the last time, we took to Instagram to ask you for your sustainable book recommendations-- after all, book club should be designed with community in mind. We got a lot of good recommendations (many of them we saved for later months), but when we saw that some of y'all suggested All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis, we knew we'd found a winner. This book got some amazing press last year (and rightfully so!), and we even sent it out in a few care packages when we launched Goldune and mailed out some pre-election care packages (complete with a guide to voting for climate!). 

All We Can Save is a collection of essays, similar to Climate Justice, but with a much longer list of essayists. They're all women (among them, Emily Atkin, Naomi Klein, Tara Houska-Zhaabowekwe, Mary Oliver, Alice Walker, Alexandria Villaseñor and so, so many more), and contributions run the gamut from a short personal essay to poetry. The focus is specifically on what role feminism-- intersectional feminism, that is-- plays in the saving of our planet. 

What we love the most about this read is that it takes an optimistic approach to solving the climate crisis. We're not suggesting that editors Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine K. Wilkinson are looking at the crisis through rose colored glasses-- not even a little bit. More so, All We Can Save is a work that reminds us just how much there is to save, and how undeniably worth it is to try. Isn't that what's missing from the think pieces and op eds that run about the climate crisis these days?

We hope you'll pick it up at your local bookstore or library, and even more so, we hope you'll stop by here or Goldune's Instagram page to chat about it with us. We'll be sharing excerpts that inspire us all month long!

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